Design Philosophy

|μ:Mu| the constant was derived from the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for water. In various
cultures and religions μ(MU) symbolises various derivatives of purity. But what we like to believe
in is the Japanese understanding of μ is a state of nothingness...

As a firm we follow these principle to cater to a wide range of design projects from architecture to
interiors to landscape. As a whole it provides balance by minimalist or
heritage based thoughts with the right use and sensitivity towards technology and materials.
Pune based Krishnendu Menon and Ameeta Sharma Menon are a couple into architecture
as Mu design.

The firm is currently in its eighth year and caters to a niche clientele based in the residential,
hospitality and luxury design sectors. The firm believes in the purity of design as a functional
mechanism that is very specific and exclusive to each project.

Design Services

We at Mu design provide consultation and turn key tie ups with vendor support in the fields on mu design studio
Architecture, Interiors and Landscapes. Moreover we also provide technical and customised
solutions to design.

Architectural design
Interior design
Landscape design
Product design
Master planning

Specialised services and tie ups pertaining to hospitality and industrial sectors.





Krishnendu Menon

Ameeta Sharma Menon

Has been a passionate and ardent design follower since a very young age. He has had the most varied design experiences on various projects before starting up this firm at Pune.

His designs are driven by pure functionality aspects and thus are more out of the box design solutions that appeal to the masses.

Has spearheaded the company with Krishnendu Menon and follows the same design principles. She is with a unique vision and tone for landscape design and plantation.

A lot of her work is inspired purely from Nature and its laws. She also is involved with various publications and writings. She runs her own line of miniature landscape products on



Work for Mu design and join a growing team of professionals dedicated to creating built environments that
enhance the human experience. We are always looking for the creative minds to add to our design fraternity.

We have two sectors:
1. design professionals (architects/artists/designers/interns)
2. management professionals (marketing/management/ business development)

If you belong to any of the above mentioned fields and are keen on
joining our design philosophy do email us


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